Kickin JennyV's Pig

Jumping on the "Kick The Pig" wagon. Mostly it's about losing weight, but really it's about living a healthier lifestyle.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thirsty Thursday

Thursdays I sometimes try to consume extra water/fluids. Starting this day with that challenge is not the easiest. I drank the last bottled water last night. I MUST get more. I should be ok at work, but I will plan to stop on the way home tonight to get more for home.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of no-fat cream. (yes - still out of milk)

Vitamin: YES, but I ran out of baby aspirin, which I am supposed to be taking daily too. I must put that on my list.

Water: I'm so bad - the only water I had was with lunch, probably only 30 oz.

Snack: I'm packing a bunch of snacks to keep at work... an apple, some mini-carrots, and some cheese sticks.

Lunch: Buffalo chicken sandwich with bleu cheese (just a little) and a handful of fries. (I shared the rest of the fries w/ my coworkers)

Exercise: The usual up and down the stairs at work, walk across campus 2x. I did some squats with weights in the evening. More stairs while doing laundry at home.

Salad ala Jen - I got one of those mixed greens salads that have radishes, carrots, and sugar snap peas in it. I fixed myself a plate of salad, then added grape tomatoes, a few raisins, a little bit of shredded cheddar cheese, some cooked veggies (brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and carrots) and topped it with a dribble of bleu cheese and balsamic vinagret.

Don't be alarmed - I often make up strange concoctions to eat. :)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wonderful Wednesday

Morning Pig Kickers.

Breakfast: The Usual... oatmeal with a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of no-fat cream. *still out of milk

Vitamin: YES

Water: 8 oz with vitamin. 16 oz. with lunch. 20 oz. with dinner.

Coffee: Working on the first cup with no-fat cream, Another cup at work with cream.

Snack: packing a handful of walnuts for later

Lunch: half of a turkey sandwhich on half of a croissant with a slice of hot-pepper cheese. A few baked chips. 1/2 cup of tapioca pudding.

Exercise: up and down those steps to the office - twice now. I'm not getting much exercise these days. It is dark by the time I get home and it is dark when I leave in the morning. Hmmm... I MUST step it up. Maybe I'll get out the treadmill afterall?

Dinner: Hmmm... I should be planning a grocery list soon. Keith took me to Max & Ermas. I had a half of a turkey reuben with a bowl of chicken tortilla soup, and 8 french fries (K shared his with me)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mental Exercise

Let's see how many temptations I can blast today... That should be some good mental exercise.

Temptations blasted: Thought about some candy when I got to the office this morning... thought again when the little voice in my head say "Kick The Pig!". :) I passed up the "Hoagie by the inch" with predjudice. Ugh.

Breakfast: oatmeal w/ a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of no-fat cream. (out of milk)

Vitamin: YES

Water: 8 oz with vitamin. 16 oz. water with lunch.

Coffee: sipping first cup now.

Snack: (I think I'll pack a handful of nuts for later) Mmmm... yummy nuts.

Lunch: 1/2 of a chicken salad sandwich, with hot-pepper cheese, on half of a thin slice of marble rye bread. Baked chips. 1/2 cup of low-fat dessert.

Exercise: Note to self - a great temptation to blast today would be the temptation to NOT get any exercise! OK - parked on the roof of the parking garage. Hoofed it down 2 flights of steps, across campus, and up to the 3rd floor to the office. Whew! When are the steps going to get easier? Ok - one more time... up the steps to the 3rd floor after lunch. The steps are always harder after lunch.

Dinner: tomato basil chicken pasta with salad YUMMY - Thanks Mummy!

Monday, November 27, 2006

She's Back In The Saddle Again...

Here I go... back on the wagon... back in the saddle... Gonna kick that Pig!

Breakfast: oatmeal, splash of milk, and a spoonful of sugar

Coffee: HALF cup - YUKON (by Starbucks) and a splash of no-fat cream, 10 oz cappucino at work.

Vitamin: YES

Water: 30+ oz. with lunch. Working on another 10 now. 16 oz with dinner.

Snack: mini carrots

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with bleu cheese dressing and garlic toast. YUM. I dipped the dressing instead of dumping it on, so I used about 3/4 of the serving provided. I only ate the middles of the garlic bread.

Exercise: Hmmm... I'm a loner. It's hunting season. Not sure what to do. It's too nice out to skip. Let's see how the day unfolds. Ya, well, I'm a bump on a log. I'm still catching up from the holiday. When I got home I was exhausted. I suppose that realistically speaking... exercise would energize... but I admit it... I was lazy. A better idea would have been to at least lift some weights and do some stretches in the midst of my laziness.

Dinner: grilled cheese on wheat, 2 servings of cooked carrots, a handful of chips, and a pecan cookie.

The Pig Was Kickin Me...

Whew! There went about a week load of holiday festivity. I wasn't so much Kickin The Pig... I think it was kickin me.

We had some delightful guests staying with us and celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday. This is by far my favorite holiday. During the preparation, I worked a sporadic schedule at work and then cleaned the house in the evenings. The sink broke and the toilet broke and Keith painted some furniture.... I dusted and swept and hung closet doors. I pitched things and organized and washed lots of clothes. I hung curtains in the guest room and Keith hung pictures and a mirror. Busy busy busy.

So, alas, the Pig Kicked Me. I ate all sorts of yummy no-nos. I have no idea if I met my 10# goal because I don't see the doctor until next week. Hmmm...

So - enough slackin. I need to pull myself up and turn the tide... and I intend to do so TODAY!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Fantastic Friday

Morning Pig-Kickers! This morning I was telling my brother via IM that I'm only working a half day today because tonight is the "pig employee dinner party." I wonder if that was some sort of freudian slip? He said "Don't you mean BIG employee dinner party?" Uh - yes... funny stuff!

Breakfast: Nothing yet. Shame on me. No clean dishes because the sink is broke. This is NOT good. We have got to get that fixed.

Coffee: Working on a cup now - with milk.



Exercise: Planning a night out dancing with my Pals!

Dinner: Hmmm... wonder what will be served?

Note to self: DO NOT forget to KICK THE PIG tonight! After-all, it is the "Pig Employee Dinner Party." Don't over-eat. Be choosey about what you consume. Don't drink too much -- just enough to have a good time! Oh, and let Keith drive.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

One More Week

Yes folks... there is only one more week before THANKSGIVING!! Too bad I don't actually have a scale to see if I made my goal or not. I'm telling you, I need to just get one already!

Yesterday was a blur... thus I didn't blog so much. I'm not slacking... just a little overloaded with stuff.

Today's Stats:

Breakfast - cinnamon roll

Coffee - 3 cups with cream

Lunch - 1/2 chicken salad on a half slice of marble rye with a piece of hot pepper cheese and a handful of carrots.

Dinner - Buffalo Chicken Salad with blue cheese dressing and garlic toast.

Water - 1 bottle at work. 16 oz glass with lunch. 20 oz x2 with dinner.

Exercise - Nothing strenuous... back and forth at work and up and down the steps. I've GOT to move more!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sigh Of Relief

After concluding last night's meeting for work, I can sigh with relief. I have met my goal for yet another month and it has come to a close positively. A little less stress is always a plus.

Breakfast: Oatmeal (Keith made it for me) with a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of 1% milk.

Coffee: 1 cup so far with low-fat cream. Keith brewed the coffee this morning. Life is good. :)

Water: 1/2 a bottle so far with my daily vitamins. Finished that bottle on the way to work. 1 additional bottle. Hmmm... I'm not doing so hot. Ok - a huge glass with a refill at lunch. Getting better.

Lunch: Planning lunch out with co-workers to celebrate a birthday - Note to self... choose something light. 1/2 club sandwich (no condiments), cup of potato soup, and a tossed salad w/ blue cheese dressing.

Snack before Riding: 2 bite Snickers (should have shared a carrot with Duke)

Dinner: Turkey Reuben and a half of a brownie

Exercise: Planning to ride horses weather permitting. Rene'e is on notice and barn-clothes are packed. Note to self... don't forget your boots! I cleaned stalls and then rode Duke. Great evening. Feeling good.

Got To Catch Up

Yes, I've been out of the loop for a few days. Just so you know, I did not lose sight of my purpose here. I just had a few overwhelming days with work and then I didn't have the greatest weekend either, so computing was one of the last things I was up to.

I've been pretty consistent with my eating habits. Oatmeal for breakfast and sensible lunches and dinners. Trying to keep the water flowing although yesterday I didn't keep up so well.

Over the weekend I made a pot of chili, which was actually quite healthy. We also ate out on Friday (date night) and I had a sensible salad. So I'm not falling far from the wagon.

I also walked at the park this weekend. I walked a whole 5 miles, which is more than usual. By the time I finished my hip joints felt like they had sand in them and my feet were ouchy. Monday morning I woke up rather sore, but that worked itself out in a jiffy and I'm feeling fine now.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Thirsty Thursday

My "Thirsty Thursday" challenge is to consume plenty of water.

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of oatmeal, sprinkle of sugar, and a splash of 1% milk

Coffee: 1 cup with cream

Water: already on it... 16 oz bottle on the way to work, 16 oz glass with lunch

Snack: mini carrots

Lunch: turkey and swiss on wheat w/ no-fat Miracle Whip, spoonful of mac-salad, and some fresh veggies w/ ranch dip

Exercise: Extra stairs at work today


Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Get With It Wednesday

Morning. I'm feeling rather blah. Could it be the lack of exercise? I've been wondering if I'm coming down with something. I have just a little bit of conjestion and just haven't been feeling so great overall. I'll try to remember to take some Airborne today when I get to work.

Breakfast - oatmeal with a sprinkle of sugar and a splash of 1% milk. My day always starts out good, even though I don't like to eat breakfast. What happens?

Coffee - 1 1/2 cups with low fat cream

Water - Working on a bottle already. New idea this week = drink a bottle on the way to work and then I'll already be one up before coffee. + 16 oz with lunch. Another bottle in the afternoon. + 10 oz before bed.

Snack - slim fast bar (late afternoon)

Lunch - tortilla soup and a mini-half sandwich - turkey and hot pepper cheese on a half of a thin slice of marble rye.

Exercise - some strength/toning exercises, nothing cardiovascular unless you count the stairs at work and all the back and forth across campus.

Dinner - bowl of squash soup and a half of a turkey & swiss sandwich on Healthnut whole wheat bread - with a dab of thousand island dressing instead of mayo.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Temptation Tuesday

Breakfast - Oatmeal with sugar and a splash of 1% milk

Snack - yogurt and a handful of mini carrots. 2 popsicles.

Lunch - egg salad on croissant with baked chips, mini carrots, and celery. I think maybe I didn't think this thru very well. Eggs are not good for my cholesterol. Dumb Dumb Dumb!

Water - 1 bottle on the way to work + 16 oz with lunch

Coffee - 2 cups with low-fat cream

Exercise - I hope... nope - not feeling well. Ugh. draggin!

Dinner - 2 slices of homemade pizza.

Temptations blasted - I wanted a candy bar after lunch, but I avoided the urge. I wanted a bowl of cookies and cream ice cream, which is in the freezer. I bought it for Keith.... oh it looks so yummy. NOPE - temptation blasted! Yippie.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Make It A Good One

Today I'm striving for a good day... I must increase my awareness today. This will be difficult because I'm in the midst of some heavy work-related duties at the moment. I MUST press on.

Breakfast: Oatmeal with a splash of 1% milk

Coffee: WAY TOO MUCH!!!! I was buzzing almost all day!

Snack: n/a

Lunch: turkey and swiss on raisin bread. Yes - raisin bread. What's up with that?! I have no idea. It wasn't bad, but it's not something that I'd recommend. Also baked cheetos and some fresh mini carrots and celery.

Water: 1 in morning + 16 oz. with lunch

Exercise: Nothing out of the usual back and forth and up and down. I NEED to exercise!

Dinner: whole wheat noodles with mixed veggies and light-marzetti dressing.

Notes to self:

1) I have been drinking more water since I bought 2 cases of it last week. This is good.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Slow Starter Sunday

I like Sunday's, but then Monday is so close that it's kind of depressing. Ugh.

Breakfast: Last piece of apple cinnamon bread with imitation butter.

Coffee: One cup with no fat cream so far.

Snack: an apple

Lunch: ginger teriaki boneless pork spare ribs served with herbed mashed potatoes and fresh steamed asparagus

Exercise: Sabbath day... should have walked, but it is already dark. Going to keep it simple today. Maybe I'll do some strength training with weights in a bit.

Dinner: nothing so far... it's 6pm and I'm anything but hungry. I'll probably have some of my squash soup that I whipped up yesterday. Not yet though.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Healthy Saturday

Morning Pig-Kickers. I'm trying to make this a Healthy Saturday. I have lots of aspirations for today.

Breakfast: yogurt with walnuts and toast with imitation butter

Coffee: 1 cup with no fat cream

Snack: Small bowl of squash soup - homemade and good for me!

Lunch: light smoked sausage and a few french fries

Exercise: (hoping to ride horses this afternoon) So far I have been up and down the stairs about a half dozen times working on laundry. I'm also washing dishes. What a chore! I hate washing dishes! I DID go riding and cleaned stalls. Ahhhhhhhh.... refreshing!

Dinner: 2 pieces of pizza - I've been so craving it!!! Then a handful of popcorn and a couple slices of apple. Why was I so munchy?!


The doctor gave me instructions to take vitamins in addition to my daily baby aspirin. I need to go get those.

I've been feeling a little nutty lately. I'm usually very organized at work, but when things start to get unorganized... I lose it. I've felt a little overwhelmed for a couple of days. After having had 3 working days away from the office, I was beginning to panic about my work being behind. My boss is such a gem. He said "Chill out. Go home already. (it was 4pm) You can do this tomorrow." When tomorrow came, we went out for lunch. Uh... at some point I have to get caught up. Today? Tomorrow? Monday? Who knows? When I got home last night, I basically unloaded my frustration onto Keith. I'm not annoyed by him, just other stuff. Oh well... that's over. He's such a great sponge. I'm so blessed that he lets me vent and then redirects me onto other things.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday Friday

Yippie! It's Friday! I love Friday! I wait all week for Friday! Yahooo!

Breakfast: Special K with 1% milk

Coffee: 1 cup with half & half

Water: 4 20 oz bottles plus one and a half large glasses with lunch

Snack: none

Lunch: buffalo chicken salad with blue cheese dressing

Exercise: walking and stairs at work and also walking around Home Depot in the evening. Not much actually... long week... beat!

Dinner: Wasn't hungry but I had a slice of apple cinnamon with LOL imitation butter and a handful of nuts for a snack

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pig Kickin in November

Good morning. I stopped and bought 2 cases of water on my way home last night. I'm already started on a bottle this morning. I don't usually have coffee until I get to work, unless I have time to share it with Keith... he's working this morning.

Breakfast: yogurt with walnuts

Water: moving up... earlier on my list -- Working on a 20 oz. bottle now. I'm working on my 3rd bottle at the moment. Plus I had a little 10 oz. bottle at a meeting earlier today.

Snack: (packing mini carrots again) No snack today. No need for it.

Lunch: Turkey and Swiss on marble rye. Spoonful of some kind of marshmallow, coconut, cherry something or other and some grapes. I didn't eat all of the bread. It was sliced a little too thick for my liking.

Exercise: (Dear God, Please please have cooperative weather! Amen) We played tennis in the cold! It was 40 degrees and windy, but we did it.

Dinner: small scoop of chicken casserole and a zucchini sauted with onion and garlic.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm Back In The Saddle Again

Sing it with me.... I'm Back In The Saddle Again

Breakfast: Yogurt with walnuts

Coffee: 1 cup so far with half & half

Water: 3 - 20 oz. bottles of Dasani and another 20 oz. glass with lunch

Snack: mini carrots

Lunch: small stromboli with sauce -- where is my head?

Exercise: not much. walking back and forth and up and down steps.

Dinner: bowl of Special K with 1% milk

Pressing On

Yesterday was somewhat disappointing. Now is the time to look back over my past month of Pig Kicking and re-assess.

Goal Review & Assessment:

1) Increase awareness: Here is one that I have certainly attained thus far. I have blogged almost all consumption for the past month. I never could get into keeping a diary for any other diet. Blogging is available to me almost anywhere I am, and offers the ability to correspond with others directly about my quest. I will keep this up.

2) Drink more water: This goal has been a little wishy-washy. I drink well when I'm working, but at home I slack off. Generally that is because we don't keep much bottled water around at home and the tap water leaves much to be desired. So what can I do to step up the efforts on this? I will start buying bottled water for home. I think that will encourage Keith to drink more water too. Excellent!

3) Move more: I'm definitely moving more and feeling the rewards of it. I've gone walking, hiking, and horseback riding. I even tried tennis, which Keith and I both really enjoyed, but the weather hasn't cooperated much lately. Each time I ride, I feel more and more confident and more flexible. (so does the horse) Riding the horses has also been very good for my soul too. It is very relaxing... a great stress reliever. My fear overall is that I still don't move "enough." I must find a way to exercise throughout the winter. This will be a huge obstacle to overcome. A membership at a local gym sounds inviting, but I don't want to pay a lot of money for something unless it is a high priority. We are trying so hard to save money so we can cover the closing costs on our home, but this is slow going. I will think on this some more. I have GOT to come up with a solution.

4) Lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving: Okay, so I've lost 4 so far. 6 more to go. That's just 2 pounds per week. I will have to be very deliberate about my habits... drink lots of water... and get more exercise... I've got to KICK THIS PIG!!!!