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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Pig Kickin in November

Good morning. I stopped and bought 2 cases of water on my way home last night. I'm already started on a bottle this morning. I don't usually have coffee until I get to work, unless I have time to share it with Keith... he's working this morning.

Breakfast: yogurt with walnuts

Water: moving up... earlier on my list -- Working on a 20 oz. bottle now. I'm working on my 3rd bottle at the moment. Plus I had a little 10 oz. bottle at a meeting earlier today.

Snack: (packing mini carrots again) No snack today. No need for it.

Lunch: Turkey and Swiss on marble rye. Spoonful of some kind of marshmallow, coconut, cherry something or other and some grapes. I didn't eat all of the bread. It was sliced a little too thick for my liking.

Exercise: (Dear God, Please please have cooperative weather! Amen) We played tennis in the cold! It was 40 degrees and windy, but we did it.

Dinner: small scoop of chicken casserole and a zucchini sauted with onion and garlic.


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