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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Healthy Saturday

Morning Pig-Kickers. I'm trying to make this a Healthy Saturday. I have lots of aspirations for today.

Breakfast: yogurt with walnuts and toast with imitation butter

Coffee: 1 cup with no fat cream

Snack: Small bowl of squash soup - homemade and good for me!

Lunch: light smoked sausage and a few french fries

Exercise: (hoping to ride horses this afternoon) So far I have been up and down the stairs about a half dozen times working on laundry. I'm also washing dishes. What a chore! I hate washing dishes! I DID go riding and cleaned stalls. Ahhhhhhhh.... refreshing!

Dinner: 2 pieces of pizza - I've been so craving it!!! Then a handful of popcorn and a couple slices of apple. Why was I so munchy?!


The doctor gave me instructions to take vitamins in addition to my daily baby aspirin. I need to go get those.

I've been feeling a little nutty lately. I'm usually very organized at work, but when things start to get unorganized... I lose it. I've felt a little overwhelmed for a couple of days. After having had 3 working days away from the office, I was beginning to panic about my work being behind. My boss is such a gem. He said "Chill out. Go home already. (it was 4pm) You can do this tomorrow." When tomorrow came, we went out for lunch. Uh... at some point I have to get caught up. Today? Tomorrow? Monday? Who knows? When I got home last night, I basically unloaded my frustration onto Keith. I'm not annoyed by him, just other stuff. Oh well... that's over. He's such a great sponge. I'm so blessed that he lets me vent and then redirects me onto other things.


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