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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Pressing On

Yesterday was somewhat disappointing. Now is the time to look back over my past month of Pig Kicking and re-assess.

Goal Review & Assessment:

1) Increase awareness: Here is one that I have certainly attained thus far. I have blogged almost all consumption for the past month. I never could get into keeping a diary for any other diet. Blogging is available to me almost anywhere I am, and offers the ability to correspond with others directly about my quest. I will keep this up.

2) Drink more water: This goal has been a little wishy-washy. I drink well when I'm working, but at home I slack off. Generally that is because we don't keep much bottled water around at home and the tap water leaves much to be desired. So what can I do to step up the efforts on this? I will start buying bottled water for home. I think that will encourage Keith to drink more water too. Excellent!

3) Move more: I'm definitely moving more and feeling the rewards of it. I've gone walking, hiking, and horseback riding. I even tried tennis, which Keith and I both really enjoyed, but the weather hasn't cooperated much lately. Each time I ride, I feel more and more confident and more flexible. (so does the horse) Riding the horses has also been very good for my soul too. It is very relaxing... a great stress reliever. My fear overall is that I still don't move "enough." I must find a way to exercise throughout the winter. This will be a huge obstacle to overcome. A membership at a local gym sounds inviting, but I don't want to pay a lot of money for something unless it is a high priority. We are trying so hard to save money so we can cover the closing costs on our home, but this is slow going. I will think on this some more. I have GOT to come up with a solution.

4) Lose 10 pounds by Thanksgiving: Okay, so I've lost 4 so far. 6 more to go. That's just 2 pounds per week. I will have to be very deliberate about my habits... drink lots of water... and get more exercise... I've got to KICK THIS PIG!!!!


At 4:49 AM, Blogger Jemit said...

You are developing really healthy eating habits and exercise habits too... it's all good!
Atta girl !!! 4 pounds lost is a prize ! You go girl ...
Try the Brita at home using your tap water.


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