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Friday, November 17, 2006

Fantastic Friday

Morning Pig-Kickers! This morning I was telling my brother via IM that I'm only working a half day today because tonight is the "pig employee dinner party." I wonder if that was some sort of freudian slip? He said "Don't you mean BIG employee dinner party?" Uh - yes... funny stuff!

Breakfast: Nothing yet. Shame on me. No clean dishes because the sink is broke. This is NOT good. We have got to get that fixed.

Coffee: Working on a cup now - with milk.



Exercise: Planning a night out dancing with my Pals!

Dinner: Hmmm... wonder what will be served?

Note to self: DO NOT forget to KICK THE PIG tonight! After-all, it is the "Pig Employee Dinner Party." Don't over-eat. Be choosey about what you consume. Don't drink too much -- just enough to have a good time! Oh, and let Keith drive.


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