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Friday, August 31, 2007

Couch to 5K Training Week #6 Day #5

I kind of lost track of the prescribed workout, but wanted to get a good session in anyway. I walked a brisk 5-minute warmup, ran 20 minutes, and then walked for another 5 to cool down. I also did stretches, some weights, and crunches.

I'm thinking that 20 minutes should be about 2 miles. I can't tell because the digital display on my treadmill hasn't been working. I asked my Handy Hubby to look at it this week because now that I'm actually getting somewhere... I'm curious about the distance. I'm considering a run at a local park very soon. We'll see how things pan out with the weather this weekend.

YIPPIE - patting myself on the back. :)


Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Couch to 5K Training Week #6

I'm a little off kilter. I was ill on Saturday and that threw my schedule off. I didn't finish the prescribed workout for Week #5. My third training day was supposed to be 20 minutes of running with no walking (besides warmup). Hmmm...

Today is week #6 Day #2. Having not exercised for a few days, I thought I'd take it easy. Surprisingly after about 3 minutes of my walking warmup I felt pretty energized. I decided to do the prescribed workout for Wk5 Workout 2. I was supposed to walk 5, run 8, walk 5 run 8. So instead I walked 5 ran 10, walked 5 ran 10. Looking at the instructions it seems that I have skipped over Wk #6 Workout #1 and gone straight to workout #2. Oh well. It felt good.

No weights or crunches for me today. Running was good. I'm so excited to be doing so well. I just wish there was someone who would like to run a race with me.

In other news I should be seeing my doctor in a couple of weeks and I'm anxious for her to assess my progress. Here's hoping that my labs show some positive changes!

My Darling Hubby got me an MP3 player for my birthday. Did I tell you that already? I REALLY needed some tunes for my runs. He's so very thoughtful! It really helps me to pick up the pace.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Couch to 5K Week #5

Had to pull myself up out of the gutter of gloom and get my butt in gear! I exercized on Saturday, but not on Sunday, Monday, or even Tuesday. Today I'm in catch-up mode. It seems that I'm running steady behind on the prescribed running schedule. Not to worry... so long as I'm progressing it's no big deal. I have no magic date in mind to finish. I hope to keep up with it for long-term, but for now just trying to reach a goal. A real goal. To run a 5K. I don't care if I run it like a turtle. I just want to say I can do it!

Anyway - today is Week #5 Day #3. I ran the prescribed run plus a couple extra minutes of running. I also did stretches, some upper body weights, and some crunches. I'm whooped, but it feels good!

Patting myself on the back because I've been at this for over a month. (and I still need new shoes!!!)


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Training Week #4 Day #2

Since yesterday should have been a week #4 workout, but it wasn't... I did week #4's workout today. I admit, it was a little more difficult that I had imagined. I'm telling ya - I need those new shoes REALLY bad! I have some birthday money and a few other dollars stashed aside. I think I will use it for new shoes. Who am I kidding? Who has time for shopping?! It's been a crazy week and if things go as planned, it's not getting any easier.

Oh well... anyway... today's workout was very good. It ws difficult, but attainable. I like that. I'm so proud of myself for being at this for almost a whole month now! I'm kickin' the pig big time now!!!


Monday, August 13, 2007

Couch to 5K Training Week #4 Day #1

This morning I did the prescribed workout for week #3, but with an extra 3 minute run. I will start week #4's prescribed workouts this week.

YIPPIE... I'm still running!!! I love it!!!


Friday, August 10, 2007

Training Week #3 Days #3 - #4 - #5

So back on day #2 I was really dragging and digressed back to week #2's prescribed workout.

On day #3 I walked outside for 20 minutes, but didn't call it much of a workout. I just needed to do it to keep in the routine.

On day #4 I proudly dug into the week #3 prescribed workout. It was surprisingly simple. I think I can easily do it again today. I felt really good. Actually I was wondering if the air conditioning in the kitchen has made a difference in the basement??? My treadmill is in the basement. The garage is hot and humid, but the basement has actually cooled off since I started using the AC in the kitchen. So I think that has a lot to do with the ease of my workout. I'm realizing more and more how the weather affects me.

So today is day #5. I didn't get up as early as I'd planned. Actually I woke up really early and could have slipped right out of bed, but I chose to wait for the alarm. That was not a smart move. Oh well, so I waited for the alarm and then some. Then I decided that I didn't want to work late today, so I got ready and was on my way.

It is now almost 6pm on Friday. I'm sitting at my desk at work. I've just finished a day-full of stuff. I remembered that the computer connection isn't working at home, so maybe I'd do a quick post from here instead. So the plan is to head home, hit the treadmill, drink some more water, and relax. I have early early early plans for tomorrow, so I must get plenty of rest.


Tuesday, August 07, 2007

I Need Running Shoes

My tennis shoes are rather worn. No pun intended. They were hand-me-downs from my MIL a couple years back. I have worn them just about out. I need to shop for a new pair of shoes and I'd like to be sure to get just the right pair.

Now I have custom made orthotics that I must consider when buying shoes. Does anyone have any suggestions re: finding the 'right' pair?

Couch to 5K Training Week #3 Day #2

You know, vacations have a way of putting a dent in my best laid plans! I went away for a few days. Traveled in the car a lot. Was up in the wee hours of the AM and the late late hours of night. Oh it was fun, but my routine took a turn for the worst.

None the less, I shall press on. I should be on the training regimine for week number 3, but I've digressed back to week number 2's. I should have exercised yesterday, but it was actually a day of recovery more than anything else. On to today...

It is FREAKING humid!!! I noticed this the last really humid day we had, I really struggle through my exercise in this weather. Now I'm still unsure if its the weather, or if it's from the lapse in consistency, or both. I did it. I exercised. It was H-A-R-D and I did not like it.

So tomorrow I'm on to another day. (patting myself on the back for not succombing to complete laziness today.)


Thursday, August 02, 2007

Training Week #2 Day #5

Ok so the last few days have really been a struggle for me. I really am convinced that it is at least partially weather related and partially diet related. I'm feeling much better this morning! YIPPE!!!

So I completed day #5's training this morning with crunches and a few weight training exercises. I am sweaty, but feel really good.

Just as a side note: I noticed a new park near us a couple weeks ago. Last night we checked it out and it is SO nice! There is at least a couple miles of paved trails with lights. We walked the short loop last night and I'm sure it was at least a mile. I can't wait to go back!

OK - off to shower and then work. UGH!


Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Training Week #2 Day #4

Lucky for me today is not a training day. I'm still dragging when it comes to steppin it up a notch. What the heck! I'm so annoyed by my achy body. I really think it's the weather's affect on me.

Anyway, this morning I went outside for a walk. It wasn't strenuous, but it was a good 20 minute walk. It was nice to listen to the birds, smell the flowers in bloom, and watch the sun rise up up up into the sky. It was lovely.

Somebody pinch me! I need regain my energy. Any ideas?