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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Lunchtime Surprise

I invented something yummy today:

Slice a small zuccini longways in half.
Grill it or steam it.
Salt, Pepper, and a smidge of garlic powder.
Wrap it in a whole-wheat tortilla with some low-fat shredded cheddar.



Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still Here

I'm not lost and not forgotten and not being entirely bad either. I just have had limited blogging time. I feel rushed every time I sit at the computer late in the day for this is precious time that I could be spending with my darling husband. I am logging my consumption, just in a different journal.

My diet yesterday was a little off. My coworkers wanted deli for lunch and so I fed my month-long craving for an italian hoagie. It was huge so I only ate half - more than enough. This wasn't the wisest choice of the week for sure! Then I had dinner at the Olive Garden with my former boss who is now retired. Soup salad and breadsticks sounds like lite-fare, but having TWO bowls of soup and THREE breadsticks was not a wise move either.

Today is a better day. This morning I awakened... did some basic stretches... and hit the treadmill. HC (Health Coach) says I should walk a mere 15 minutes first thing in the morning and that's what I've been doing. Now yesterday was supposed to be a workout day, but with other plans it got shoved aside... Never fear -- today is here and I shall endeavor to work-out tonight, which is usually a non-workout night.

I'm doing strength training as well and can already feel the changes. I did some pushups against the stairs and can do at least 12 with moderate ease. I know it's not a real push up, but I can tell that improvements are coming... and this makes me very happy.

So I'm still on the 2 week Blitz... just a little shy on the blogging and a little bit off yesterday.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

I realized these things after dinner last night:

1) I eat TOO FAST

2) I clean my plate - Why?

3) My eyes are bigger than my stomach

Today I shall endeavor to:

1) Eat slower. Put down my fork between bites.

2) Taste the food and enjoy it.

3) Take smaller portions

4) Allow myself to have more IF I desire

5) Recognize when I'm full

6) Not worry about cleaning my plate

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Snippets of Sunday

What a beautiful day it is. Praise the Lord for that!

  • Breakfast = bowl of raisin bran with 1% milk
  • Snack = 4 crackers with sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 cups of coffee with no-fat cream
  • 2 bottles of water
  • Lunch = Salad surprise... lettuce, cottage cheese, grape tomatoes, fresh pickle slices (not dill), carrot chunks, radish, raisins, and sunflower seeds with a splash of olive oil and balsamic vinegar
  • Working on another bottle of water
  • Sipping a Jolt Ultra (shame shame I know)

Doing some flower planting today.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Long Weekend Here I Come

  • Breakfast at Eat n' Park with hubby. Had a variety of goodies - eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, cottage cheese, and a biscuit.

  • Late lunch with Re-Re - Giant plate of watermelon, strawberries, and blueberries. This was enough fruit for a week I think. Loved it though. I don't buy much fruit. A lot of it doesn't agree with me and Keith is not a big fan either.

  • Dinner at home alone - cottage cheese with salt and fresh ground pepper topped with grape tomatoes, mini carrots, pickle, and radish (all chopped) Crunchy and healthy!

Exercise has to be either tonight or tomorrow. It's raining outside now. Keith is off tomorrow and wants to work-out at the gym after church. That would give me time to just relax at home this evening. Oh how nice... (he's working) Maybe I'll do some crunches and maybe some weights later.


Friday, May 25, 2007


Yesterday I prayed for motivation and last night I found it. I'm joining my pals (Kim and Chrissa) on a "2-Week Blitz" in preparation for Chrissa's upcoming vacation. Awesome!

What exactly is a "blitz?" I looked it up in the dictionary:
Blitz = an overwhelming all-out attack
Conquered the 15 minute praise/prayer walk on the treadmill this morning. It really is a great way to get moving in the morning.

  • Breakfast - 1/2 cup of lowfat cottage cheese with pepper and a handful of sunflower seeds. (Did you know that sunflower seeds have 5 grams of protien per ounce?! Too bad they are also high in sodium.)
  • 1 cup of coffee with cream (to go please) - also had 2 more cups w/ cream at work
  • Lunch - half of a turkey & swiss on a light bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mustard
  • side of fresh fruit
  • large glass of water
  • working on a small bottle of water now
  • Dinner = turkey, cheese, (whole wheat) ranch wrap with lettuce & tomato (spicy ranch) Yummy and figure friendly.

Will not be taking that afternoon break/walk today unless you count the walk to the car. I'm planning to get out of work just a little early. It's dreadfully quiet and feels holidayish around here. I guess it should. Planning to go to the gym tonight though and it's not a workout night, so that shall make up for it.

Update -- skipped the gym. Both of us were whipped anyway.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why Am I So Tired?

I was tired last night. I was tired this morning. Now 2 cups of coffee later, I feel like getting this day on the road. This is crazy. I don't like that I rely so heavily on coffee to get my day started.

This mornings praise/prayer walk was good. I had no trouble waking up. I did some basic stretches and then hit the treadmill after putting a load of laundry in. I think that laundry is going to become a habit too. Why not?! It's right there near the treadmill. So this morning I'm in need of focus and revival. I've just been tired and struggling to get excited about exercising. I know it makes me feel good eventually, so why is it so hard to keep up with it? Why am I so lazy? I hate that. I must conquer!

  • cornflakes with 2%

  • small golden delicious apple

  • 2 cups of coffee with cream

  • 3/4 of a small regular hoagie
  • handful of french fries (my weakness!)
  • small water
  • another small water
  • Dinner = pickle & cheese sandwhich on whole wheat with light miracle whip
  • one whole orange
  • bottle of water
  • another bottle of water
  • (will probably end the day with a popsicle)

Went for my 10 minute afternoon walk. I zig-zagged through the building taking one flight of steps down, walk to the other end, another flight down, walk to the other end, etc. Then around the parking lot and zig-zagged my way back up. It feels good to stick with the program.

Tonight is a workout night. I didn't feel much like going to the gym, but believe me... I worked out plenty. I did some serious stretches, followed by 20 minutes on the treadmill, more stretches, some upper body weight training with the 10 lb. dumbells we bought last night. I'm taking a break and will finish up with crunches.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Over The Hump Day

Morning. Keith had my alarm set for 9:15am instead of my usual 5:30am and thus I slept in. Luckily I awakened at 7:10am and frantically got ready for work. Good thing I showered last night. So I missed my morning walk. I'm rather disappointed about that. Maybe I will make up for it with an evening walk tonight?

  • Quick breakfast = corn flakes with 2% milk

  • Coffee = 2 cups with cream
  • Lunch = Chicken sandwich with slaw and about 10 french fries
  • Large water
  • 2 small waters
  • Dinner = Whole wheat spaghetti with sauce, side salad, cup of potato soup
  • Splurge = grilled stickies ala mode (oh the shame)

We went to the gym last night. It was not a work-out night, but we are trying to create good habits of going there. Any time we have the opportunity to share the experience, it's that much better. We were both exhausted and just wanted to do something to move our achy bodies a little. Basketball. We shot some hoops and then played a little one on one. I have to tell ya... I suck at basketball. I always liked it a little bit, but I'm not good at it. I suppose if I practiced, I might get good at it. Heck, if I was just a little more agile, I would be better at it. Keith disagrees, but I say he has all the moves. He's quick and when I press him he turns on a dime and slips away from me. I told him to give me a break. He said he already was. UGH! Needless to say, we got a little bit of exercise and some together time. It was well worth it.

Then we splurged. He was starving. I know it's crazy - we had spaghetti for dinner! So he wanted to hit Eat n' Park. I was struggling with a sweet temptation, which is very unusual for me. So we went and I ordered a dessert, which is totally unlike me and I enjoyed every last bite of it!!!! I'm a little disappointed in that, but at the same time... I have been a little stressed and that felt like a release for me. There were better choices for dessert, but I opted for the one that fulfilled my craving 100%.


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

What Day Is It?

As prescribed, I began my day with a 15 minute prayer walk. Today I opted to stay inside and use my treadmill. With sleepy eyes I tied my shoes and plodded down the steps to the old machine. It wasn't long before my thankful heart was praising God for yet another day. I always pray for my wonderful husband with thankfullness for his job and how he loves it so. I prayed for motivation, devotion, and determination as I'm on this quest, for God made me to be a certain way and I confess that I have botched it with laziness. So with a grateful heart I set out on yet another day of Pig Kickin'. Let's Kick It!!!!

  • Breakfast - corn flakes with 2% milk
  • Morning snack - Bran muffin
  • Coffee - 2 cups with cream in the morning
  • Mid-morning - 16 oz. glass of water
  • Lunch - 1/2 turkey, cheddar, bacon on wheat with tomato, pickle, and mayo. Handful of fries. Side salad with bleu cheese - dipped.
  • Large glass of water
  • Afternoon snack - mini carrots
  • Dinner - pork chop, smashed red potatoes, and a side salad
  • 1 1/2 cups of grape juice with a little water added
  • Bottle of water after work-out

Ok, having the usual after lunch blah feeling. I've got to keep pressing on. My afternoon walk isn't until 230pm. Skipped the afternoon walk. Shame on me! I just got overwhelmed with a project and time flew right by.

Now home, cooking dinner. Going to eat a real sit-down dinner with hubby, rest a spell, and then go to the gym for a cardio workout and weight training. YIPPIE! I'll be feeling much better in no time!

Went to the gym. Was supposed to do 15 minutes of moderately hard on the elliptical, but I think I picked either the wrong setting (fat-burning) or the wrong level of intensity because it was more than moderately hard. It was just plain hard. This was followed by a couple laps around the track and some simple weight training for my upper body. Not enough mind you. Keith was exhausted and sleep deprived. It was all he could do to just join me there. (although he did do a light workout) I can't get the hang of the ab-machine they have there. Either I can't adjust it right or it's just not for me. I think I'd rather just do crunches and sit-ups. I'd like to have some 5-10 pound dumbells at home. Hmm... now I need new shoes, a music source, and dumbells. G-wiz.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Kickin' The Pig On Monday

I woke up a little stiff, but did some stretches, donned some swishy pants, and headed outside for my first 15 minute early morning walk. That doesn't actually take me very far, but I suppose it isn't supposed to. I put my little digital timer in my pocket set out for my stroll. Many of our neighbors have gorgeous landscaping. One place has a large group of azaleas blooming, all lavender colored and so pretty. It's so eye catching. I love it. It's interesting to take in all the gardening ideas of those around us. Now... if we only had a yard condusive to such that would be so nice. I can dream can't I?

The birds sing so vibrantly in the morning. It's like they awaken and sing their praises to God for the newness of each day. They flutter about from bird feeders here and there. These must be lazy birds, but if someone was catering to you... wouldn't you take them up on it? I like to feed black oil sunflower seed. That draws a wide range of birdies for the kitties to feast their eyes upon. I may soon feed some thistle, to attract the tinier ones.

There is a crispness in the morning and I find myself thanking the Lord for my lovely surroundings. Sometimes I digress... pondering the surroundings of our home at the farm-house from years ago or what it would be like to live where there is more privacy than this. I must be thankful for what we have here - an affordable home with our needs being met. I am also thankful for my loving husband. He sat and talked with me for over and hour last evening... right after he said that he really had 'nothing to talk about.' Strangly enough - he did most of the talking.

I'm asking God for a good deal of strength today. Aside from the morning aches, I have a pretty large load of responsibility on my plate this week. I must do my best to take care of it without over-stressing myself.

  • I've had a 1/2 cup of coffee this morning with cream.
  • bowl of honey nut cherrios with 2% milk
  • Had another full cup of coffee with cream at work
  • Drank one full bottle of water
  • Snacked on a handful of mini-carrots
  • Lunch = fresh fruit salad
  • turkey burger with mushrooms and swiss, lettuce, tomato, pickle, onion, mayo
  • Another large water
  • Working on a small water now - done, and another one. :)
  • Cup of tea with cream and sugar for an afternoon pick-me-up
  • 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter to curb the munchies (ran out of carrots)
  • Dinner - leftover beef stroganoff with a spoonful of cottage cheese
  • Glass of grape juice
  • Late snack - juice popsicle

In the afternoon, I took a 10 minute walk as planned... over to the main building, outside, down the hill, around the front, and up the side next to my building, then up the steps to the 3rd floor. The hill was moderately hard, but I was trying to walk quickly. I used good discipline in choosing the steps over the elevator. I feel pretty good, but could really use an afternoon pick-me-up. Coffee? Hmmm... I've already had 2 waters and they don't seem to be helping. Oh my sleepy eyes... and I have so much to do!!! I must get past this!

Worked until 6pm. Long day, but after I got past the tired spell in the afternoon... time flew. Awesome. So the evening was quiet and uneventful. I was beat! Checked my e-mail, read some blogs, and then vegged out watching tv. (tomorrow is workout day) I watched some of "The Biggest Loser" hoping to gain some inspiration/motivation. All in all, not a bad day.


Sunday, May 20, 2007

ReFocusing On The Battle

Having met with the Health Coach this past Friday, I have a new plan for exercise. I'm a little bit bothered with the fact that I am less than psyched about it. At first I thought his plan was a little overwhelming, but truly it is not. I just need a mental-make-over and all should be smooth sailing after that. I recognize this as the hardest part of Kickin' The Pig... the mental strategy. I must keep my focus. How does one do that?

I'm putting together some points to work on:

  1. Make exercise "my own" time. While it is nice to share with hubby or a friend, I shall commit to not waiting for someone to share it with. I shall endeavor to enjoy some alone time while exercising and stop being co-dependant. I recognize that while an exercise partner can be a good accountability partner, they can also serve as a stumbling block when he/she lacks the umph to do it. Thus, I shall strive to be solely devoted to it and self-accountable. This does not mean that I will not welcome company or that I will stop encouraging hubby to join me. It simply means that I will be happy to go it alone if he's not willing or available to tag along.

  2. I shall surround myself with motivational things. I have access to some fitness and other health related magazines. I shall endeavor to glance at them from time to time as well as online research and reading. Work also has health-related opportunities to participate in, everything from cooking, to exercise, to relaxation. These things all help keep the focus.

  3. Part of my new fitness plan includes a 15 minute morning walk before work at least 5 days per week. This may be an opportunity for some awesome time-management... While also desiring time for personal devotions and such, I see this as a fantastic opportunity to begin each day enjoying the Lord's creation and praising him for it. Who says that prayer is always on ones knees? I shall endeavor to experience the Lord early in the morning with praise and thanksgiving. What a way to start the day!!!! And furthermore I should not feel so pressed to complete a scriptural lesson each morning as that is usually an evening thing with me, but I may work on some short scripture memorization while off on my walks.

Just typing this list has been somewhat of an inspiration to me. The mental-make-over is beginning. I have already scheduled my fitness routine on this weeks calendar. Besides the morning walk, my exercise prescription includes a 10 minute afternoon walk 5 days/week and 3 nights/week of cardio and strength training.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Health Update

I met with the Health Coach this morning. We went over my overall health assessment including the results of my health screening from a couple weeks back. He has given me some pointers for diet AND a prescription of exercise for building my upper body strength.

I'm excited to be embarking upon this next big step in improving my health status. Stay tuned for updates as they occur.

I'm back Kickin The Pig. Yeah Baby!!!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday and still dragging

I awakened numerous times throughout the night with a headache. It's quite annoying and slowing me down substantially this morning!

Breakfast - Healthnut toast with LOL spread and grape jelly.

Liquids - glass of milk.

Pills - Aspirin and Ibuprofen (please make the headache go away!)

Snack - cheese stick.

Lunch - cheeseburger, some fries, and a little bit of coleslaw

Dinner -

Exercise - steps x3