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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Couch to 5K Week #5

Had to pull myself up out of the gutter of gloom and get my butt in gear! I exercized on Saturday, but not on Sunday, Monday, or even Tuesday. Today I'm in catch-up mode. It seems that I'm running steady behind on the prescribed running schedule. Not to worry... so long as I'm progressing it's no big deal. I have no magic date in mind to finish. I hope to keep up with it for long-term, but for now just trying to reach a goal. A real goal. To run a 5K. I don't care if I run it like a turtle. I just want to say I can do it!

Anyway - today is Week #5 Day #3. I ran the prescribed run plus a couple extra minutes of running. I also did stretches, some upper body weights, and some crunches. I'm whooped, but it feels good!

Patting myself on the back because I've been at this for over a month. (and I still need new shoes!!!)



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