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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Still Here

I'm not lost and not forgotten and not being entirely bad either. I just have had limited blogging time. I feel rushed every time I sit at the computer late in the day for this is precious time that I could be spending with my darling husband. I am logging my consumption, just in a different journal.

My diet yesterday was a little off. My coworkers wanted deli for lunch and so I fed my month-long craving for an italian hoagie. It was huge so I only ate half - more than enough. This wasn't the wisest choice of the week for sure! Then I had dinner at the Olive Garden with my former boss who is now retired. Soup salad and breadsticks sounds like lite-fare, but having TWO bowls of soup and THREE breadsticks was not a wise move either.

Today is a better day. This morning I awakened... did some basic stretches... and hit the treadmill. HC (Health Coach) says I should walk a mere 15 minutes first thing in the morning and that's what I've been doing. Now yesterday was supposed to be a workout day, but with other plans it got shoved aside... Never fear -- today is here and I shall endeavor to work-out tonight, which is usually a non-workout night.

I'm doing strength training as well and can already feel the changes. I did some pushups against the stairs and can do at least 12 with moderate ease. I know it's not a real push up, but I can tell that improvements are coming... and this makes me very happy.

So I'm still on the 2 week Blitz... just a little shy on the blogging and a little bit off yesterday.

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