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Sunday, May 20, 2007

ReFocusing On The Battle

Having met with the Health Coach this past Friday, I have a new plan for exercise. I'm a little bit bothered with the fact that I am less than psyched about it. At first I thought his plan was a little overwhelming, but truly it is not. I just need a mental-make-over and all should be smooth sailing after that. I recognize this as the hardest part of Kickin' The Pig... the mental strategy. I must keep my focus. How does one do that?

I'm putting together some points to work on:

  1. Make exercise "my own" time. While it is nice to share with hubby or a friend, I shall commit to not waiting for someone to share it with. I shall endeavor to enjoy some alone time while exercising and stop being co-dependant. I recognize that while an exercise partner can be a good accountability partner, they can also serve as a stumbling block when he/she lacks the umph to do it. Thus, I shall strive to be solely devoted to it and self-accountable. This does not mean that I will not welcome company or that I will stop encouraging hubby to join me. It simply means that I will be happy to go it alone if he's not willing or available to tag along.

  2. I shall surround myself with motivational things. I have access to some fitness and other health related magazines. I shall endeavor to glance at them from time to time as well as online research and reading. Work also has health-related opportunities to participate in, everything from cooking, to exercise, to relaxation. These things all help keep the focus.

  3. Part of my new fitness plan includes a 15 minute morning walk before work at least 5 days per week. This may be an opportunity for some awesome time-management... While also desiring time for personal devotions and such, I see this as a fantastic opportunity to begin each day enjoying the Lord's creation and praising him for it. Who says that prayer is always on ones knees? I shall endeavor to experience the Lord early in the morning with praise and thanksgiving. What a way to start the day!!!! And furthermore I should not feel so pressed to complete a scriptural lesson each morning as that is usually an evening thing with me, but I may work on some short scripture memorization while off on my walks.

Just typing this list has been somewhat of an inspiration to me. The mental-make-over is beginning. I have already scheduled my fitness routine on this weeks calendar. Besides the morning walk, my exercise prescription includes a 10 minute afternoon walk 5 days/week and 3 nights/week of cardio and strength training.

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