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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Isn't it just like life to throw in a few curve balls every now and then sending you sailing off the beaten path and swirling into a downward spiral away from the prize that we have worked so hard to achieve?

A couple weeks ago I was running 25 - 30 minutes in my quest to achieve the 5K run. Ya - a couple weeks ago was the last time I ran... the day after I bought myself brandy-new shoes!!!! Running shoes!!!! What better a reason to keep running?!

The roller coaster of life interfered. That's how it goes. What can I say? Today I find myself under the weather for about the 5th day in a row. If you don't want to hear the ugly details... turn back now! I have this head cold that makes my head feel like it weighs as much as the rest of my overweight body. My sinuses are clogged, but they won't drain. When I least expect it, my nose runs, but it's just clear... not what I'd expect given how crappy I feel. My throat is sore and my chest is slowly beginning to feel heavy. What's next??? Probably a cough??? UGH!!! To make matters a little more unpleasant, my left arm is sore. From what? I don't know. Maybe I layed on it wrong last night? That's possible. Although my nights have been rather sleepless lately. When I lay down, my nose stuffs up so I breath thru my mouth and then I get the dry-mouth syndrome. Coincidentally I get up, take another dose of cold medicine and in short order I am further dehydrated, yet able to drift off for a short nap. I am awakened feeling parched and reach for yet another glass of water. I cannot seem to get enough. FLUIDS is what I need! This too causes me to get up in the middle of the night. Usually I can hold it until morning, but when you drink several glasses of water before bed and thru-out the night... well... one can't help but visit the powder room. UGH!!!

I went to work each day, but took misery with me. A couple days I was able to slip out early to go home and rest. I needed it really bad. The first day I actually slept for a whole 15 hours... not without a few interruptions mind you... I went to market on Saturday and it was a trying day. Help was at a minimum... only 2 of us for the bulk of the work and customer lines out the doors. I have a good attitude when it comes to this scenario. We could only move as fast as we were already moving. We sold out... how about that! I pretty much had to put my crappiness behind me and press on for the day. I did well.

Whine Whine Whine... just let me vent. It makes me feel better. Not literally better, but somewhere in this crazy head of mine I must feel as if someone is listening and I get some sense of satisfaction in that. Am I looking for sympathy? Ah - probably not. My hubby has filled that void. The first night that I was sick, he tucked me into bed, brought me medicine, put an extra snuggly warm blanket on me, and insisted on taking my temperature. He brought me fluids and even a bowl of Ramen Noodles - the chicken broth kind and later some minty tea to soothe my sore throat and sneak in more fluid. He was so sweet! I love him so.

If I have it my way... Monday will be a day to refresh. If I could just put this nasty cold behind me I would feel so much better. I want to eat good food and get back to exercising. Believe me... I have had the craving for exercise, but then the achiness overcomes me and I opt for the option of resting instead. Today I made a menu for the week and did the grocery shopping for what items I didn't already have. While I was there I got myself some OJ and a box of frozen juice pops. I also got some mini-carrots and some apples to snack on this week. I'm feeling good about making a fresh start tomorrow.


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