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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


This totally stinks!!!! Since March of this year my cholesterol has increase 10 points!!!! TEN!!!! What the heck!!!! I have switched to whole grain everything, little or no butter, No-Fat cream, trying to stick with lean meats, and increased veggies and fruit. I'm so annoyed. I know what it is... it's the salads that come with french fries and the bleu cheese dressing! DRAT!!! I think I may have to revise again.

I am to see my doctor next week and I HOPE I still have more time to redeem myself. She's been threatening to put me on cholesterol meds for a year now and I've been trying to avoid that. I thought that exercise might in some way give a little boost in my efforts, but I guess not. Double Drat!

On the flip side... my glucose was normal as was my triglycerides. It's just my cholesterol (and notably the bad kind) that is increasing my risk of heart disease.

I'm so annoyed!



At 5:51 AM, Blogger Jemit said...

Sounds like you have inherited the Cholesterol problem of your Mom..Sorry about that..

At 12:13 PM, Blogger mom of 2 said...

High cholesterol is definitely hereditary! My hubby and his sister both have high cholesterol even though they aren't overweight and both eat good and exercise. Even one of my hubby's cousins little 10 year old daughter has high cholesterol. My hubby takes meds and they help so much! Good luck!


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