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Monday, December 04, 2006

Monday's Madness

So here we go... another week on its way.

Breakfast: yogurt with a sprinkle of walnuts. (I ran out of oatmeal)

Vitamin/Aspirin: YES

Water: 10 oz. so far, 20 oz. with lunch, another 10 oz.; another 16 oz in the evening.

Coffee: not yet. One cup with cream.

Snack: 4 peanut butter crackers; a handful of mini carrots on the way home

Lunch: turkey and swiss on a light bun with a side of cottage cheese.

Exercise: Walking across campus and up the steps to the 3rd floor. I added an extra flight of steps today as it is so cold that instead of walking outside and up from the 1st floor entrance, I stayed inside and hoofed it up from the basement. I've made this trek 3 times already today. I also walked, and even jogged a bit on the treadmill tonight. Refreshing I tell you!

Dinner: 2 stuffed cabbage rolls and a glass of milk


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