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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Training Week #2 Day #3

I'm feeling blue this morning. My routine did not come so easy this morning. I snoozed a couple times before getting out of bed. My body was achy and my heart wasn't really in it today. I got it done though. I did the prescribed workout today. It was one of those where 25 minutes seems like an eternity and I really wanted to quit midway through. Let me re-phrase... I wanted to quit. Period. But I pressed on. I did decrease the intensity during the last 5 minutes. Maybe I was trying to run too fast? The instructions say to take it slow and easy. Working on better time can come later.

Anyway, I did not do the strength training today or crunches. I'm whooped and I've only exercised for a half hour... and that's including warm-up and cool down. That doesn't mean that I can't squeeze those in this evening. I'm hoping that I will generally bounce back throughout the day.

I'm trying to determine exactly what has contributed to the difficulty of this mornings workout. I was up until midnight. My sleep was not fully restful. First I was freezing so my HandyHubby put a blanket on and turned down the air conditioning and then I was HOT and miserable. No happy medium. Maybe my dinner last night wasn't a good choice? I drank lemonade before bed. Maybe it should have been water? Maybe its just the weather? My body aches even after my workout. Is it going to rain? It seems like the humidity is up pretty high. Maybe that's it? When it's humid I sweat more and my clothes stick to me and... well... YUCK.

Ok - now that ya'll know how I really feel this morning. I suppose I can pat myself on the back for at least DOING the workout this morning. Even if it wasn't pleasant.

All that aside... Have a lovely day. I'm off to the shower and to see if my HandyHubby will get up and have coffee with me this morning.



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