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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Training Week #2 - Day #1

I was SO under the weather the past 2-3 days that my routine suffered. I took some medicine yesterday and feel a whole lot better today! YIPPIE! I was really worried that beginning week #2 of my training would be too hard after skipping a couple of days of exercise. On the contrary... It was not so bad.

Week #2's training includes:

5 Minute brisk walk warm-up
1.5 Minute jog/2 Minute walk for 20 minutes
5 Minute cool-down

*I'm still doing my crunches and light strength training, but they are not part of the prescribed plan.

So today I completed day #1 without a hitch. It was actually refreshing. It makes me feel really good to be working on this. My body needs it and in time it will show.



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