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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Happy Doctor's Day

Today we are celebrating National Doctor's Day. It's actually on March 31st, but we are celebrating today and tomorrow at work. So if you see your doctor, take a moment and thank him or her for the work they do.

Breakfast: veggie omlet with a little bit of cheese. (with the docs)

Coffee: 1/2 cup so far with cream and another 1/2 cup with cream. Plus 1/2 cup with no fat cream in the evening.

Water: One large glass almost finished. One bottle. Another bottle. 1/2 bottle with dinner. Another bottle at the gym.

Lunch: Turkey & Veggie wrap sandwich. A few chips and a handful of mini carrots

Snack: 6 peanut butter crackers. I also had a piece of plain chocolate. Shame Shame!

Dinner: turkey and provolone on whole wheat with Miracle Whip.

Exercise: Planning to hit the gym later tonight. Did it! Tonight's work-out was one of our best work-outs since we've started going. Stretches + 4 laps around the indoor track + 25 minutes on the recumbant bike + 30 minutes on the treadmill. I'm so pumped!!!! But I didn't do any weights tonight, but cardio is probably what I should be focusing on anyway... at least for now! I'm so proud of myself!

How I'm Feeling

Morning: Rush Rush Rush... got to get out the door in a jiffy! Need to get to work early today. 1) doctors day breakfast and 2) need to get home early to tidy and sweep before our company arrives.

Afternoon: Tired. I want to be done with work already.

Evening: Awesome after a good workout.


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