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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Feeling Like I Blew It

I think the sandwich and fries were a NO-NO last night. I immediately felt guilty, and as if I would have been satisfied with HALF of that scenario, or just with a salad. Oh well... today is another day! It might be a "VEGGIE DAY."

Breakfast: LaCreme Vanilla Yogurt

Water: 1/2 bottle on the way to work. Large glass with lunch. Another bottle this evening and working on another.

Coffee: one cup with NO FAT cream.

Pills: Yes.

Snack: 1/2 of a peanut crunch granola bar - split with my coworker.

Lunch: mashed potatoes with chives and a little bit of herbed gravy, roasted vegetables, scoop of cottage cheese with peas, tomatoes, and 5 green olives.

Dinner: 2 eggs with american cheese, bacon, and wheat toast -- What is wrong with me???

Exercise: Steps Steps Steps!!! Ya'll would be so proud... We finally joined the Community Center!!!! We worked out for an hour tonight. I did some stretching, walking, some biking, and some weight training while Keith did mostly weight training with a little bit of stretching and walking. I took the "Fitness Test" on the recumbant bike. It asked for my age and weight etc. Upon completion it flashed in large print on the screen "SUPERIOR." How cool is that?! I knew all those stairs were a blessing. Now - I wonder what my target heart rate should be? Hmmm...

How I'm Feeling

Morning: Well rested but must get going! A little rushed. Why?

Afternoon: Just ran up those steps! Out of breath, but feeling good. I've got to tackle more things here.

Evening: Pumped!!! But tired. Ready to hit the sack.



At 9:05 PM, Blogger odat_kim said...

You didn't blow it, you had a lapse OK, but get back on the wagon and kick kick kick.

I've been totally stressed this week, but even though I want to eat, the warming that's been taking place due to spring has given me a lot of energy to burn when I get home, too tired to do any workout, but for sure I'm in a pig kickin' mood :)


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