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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Wednesday: Veggie Challenge Day #4

VEGGIE CHALLENGE SERVING TOTALS: 5+ so far!!!! (and that's before dinner) I think dinner is probably another 5 servings. Does that mean I can skip them tomorrow?!
Breakfast: 1 cup of Caramel Nut Crunch cereal with a 1/2 cup of 2% milk

Water: Not yet. Oh no!!! I forgot to grab one on my way out and now that I am at work I see that we are out of bottled water - although some is on order. Hmph. Ok we are in business now. I picked up 2 cases on my way back from lunch. I have already downed one bottle and am working on a 2nd. And finished a 3rd. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh.... Hydration! I think all that Mucinex I was taking has been taking it's toll on my body. I need water!

Coffee: 1 cup with no fat cream. 1 cup with cream at work. 1 cup of tea with low-fat cream with lunch. (hmmm... too much cream I think)

Snack: Packing a veggie bowl again. I think this is probably 2-3 servings of veggies. I ate the whole thing. Fresh raw snow peas... I recommend them!

Lunch: chicken divan (that's casserole with broccoli) YUMMY - but probably had too much fat in it. Side salad with a little bit of ranch - just dipped, not drenched. This is probably 2 servings of veggies. 1/4 cup of fruit cocktail.

Dinner: (planning steak salads) Romaine lettuce, fresh baby spinich, cucumber, tomato, red cabbage, carrots, snow peas, a sprinkle of cheddar, some sliced sirloin steak (marinated in Dales) and a dozen french fries. Dipping bleu cheese.

Exercise: Steps - 1 trip so far. 2 trips total at work. I missed one because I had to take the cart. (darn cart) Oh and steps at home - 2 flights so far.

Notes to self:

1) Smack your wrists!!! No dipping into the candy jar!!! I know those chocolate covered peanut brittles are calling your name. They are the devil. RUN!!!! **I must report that I have stayed out of the candy all day!

2) Take the stairs. Lots of them. Don't sit all day. Get up and walk around, stretch, and do some squats every so often.

3) Tip the water bottle. I'm going to put it on my schedule - a new bottle every 3 hours. Think it will work?



At 5:11 PM, Blogger mom of 2 said...

Congrats on the 2 pounds!!!! I do have a scale, but it is very old and I don't think very good. I really want to get a new one. I only allow myself to weigh once a week, but I keep the scale right there on the bathroom floor. I do it partly as an exercise in self control because it does take some control for me not to step on it daily. I also do it so that if I feel like there should be a weight change and there isn't I won't get discouraged and go eat cookies or something. At least once a week there should be some change even if it's only 1 pound...then I can be happy about that! Keep up all your hard work!! and chocolate peanut brittle IS the devil! lol


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