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Sunday, January 21, 2007

So Long Vacation... Hello Pig Kicker

Well, the title says it all. My vacation is coming to a close. Today is the last day off, but technically I will be working because I have some catching up to do before tomorrow morning.

Vacation was great. I ate mostly well, but didn't watch as closely as I should have, and exercise was definitely at a minimum. The fresh fruits in California were superb. There was pinapple and strawberries and citrus and melons. Yummy! Rob made a lemon cream pie for dessert one night that was light and delicious. I drank mostly water every day, aside from the usual 2 cups of coffee. I did have a couple of sodas on the plane though. Exercise was not top on our list of duties. Aside from my going to a conference and sitting all day, I would sit by the pool and read my book or on the couch watching a movie or playing board games. It was worth it to spend time with our family there.

So as the vacation comes to a close, I found myself dreaming of fresh vegetables once more. Actually, I had watched this show on tv where this lady made a vegetable soup. This takes me back to days of old. Grandma used to make me vegetable soup. She knew how much I loved it and she would make it for me often. Despite my efforts, I can never make it quite like she did, but I'm sure that I'm using the same basic ingredients. Anyway, this show inspired me to make a pot. So - off to the grocery I went yesterday. (on my way home from the farm)

I bought salad makings first - romaine lettuce, baby spinich, red cabbage, an onion, some mini carrots, & grape tomatoes. I already have some raisins and some sunflower seeds. Sounds good. Keith will like it. For the soup I found a nice big potato, again more mini carrots, a large onion, some celery (with tops), a small head of green cabbage, a can of vegetable juice, and 4 short ribs. I also have some frozen mixed veggies that will make a nice addition to the soup. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.... Y-U-M-M-Y !!! I can't wait to sample it!

So that's the plan - eat more veggies this week. I shall officially begin this challenge tomorrow; however I already have the big pot of soup on standby. YIPPIE!


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