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Friday, January 26, 2007

TGIF - Veggie Challenge Day #6

I'm running out of fresh snackable veggies. I'm down to just mini carrots and cucumber. There lots of other meal type veggies tho - cabbage, romaine, etc.

Breakfast: Raisin Bran w/ 2% milk

Pills: Aleve - horrible headache and backache this morning. The rest are on the grocery list.

Coffee: 3 cups at work with cream

Snack: veggie bowl - Yummy!

Water: Working on a bottle already. A large glass with lunch.

Lunch: BLT, 12 French Fries, cup of mushroom soup

Dinner: 12 reduced fat crackers with reuben dip (Whew! End of the dip)

Exercise: Stairs at work - lots and lots of them!

Notes to self:

  • I hope your headache goes away fast!


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