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Jumping on the "Kick The Pig" wagon. Mostly it's about losing weight, but really it's about living a healthier lifestyle.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wonderful Wednesday

Any morning that I can snag Keith to share a cup of coffee... is a good day!

Breakfast: yogurt and walnuts

Vitamin/Aspirin: Yes

Water: 10 oz. so far, 20 oz. w/ lunch, 20 oz w/ exercise

Coffee: Working on a cup

Snack: bagel with low-fat cream cheese & coffee w/ cream and honey at Panera Bread (Girls Group Tonight)

Lunch: salad w/ vinegar and oil and a pretzel

Exercise: 1/2 hour solid on the treadmill with additional cool down time... stretching, etc.

Dinner: salad, 2 pieces of pizza, and a small piece of chocolate cake


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