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Sunday, December 17, 2006


On Saturday I didn't get to blog because I was pretty busy all day.

For breakfast I had a pickle sandwich on whole wheat bread with Miracle Whip and a slice of cheese.

I drank a large Poweraide.

My friend helped me get 2 loads of gravel and we shoveled both off the truck - great exercise!

We went to a party in the afternoon where I had 2 glasses of wine, a small portion of chicken casserole, and some salad filled with all sorts of stuff... a couple of cookies and some yummy snickity snacks.

Later that night I had a bottle of water, a half of a cheeseburger with lots of lettuce and tomoato and shared a few nachos with Keith. (what was I thinking?)

I didn't feel so well last night... cold and upset stomach.


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