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Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Pep-talk - For the Millionth Time

Ok Gals, I'm on the hot-seat. I'm putting myself on the spot. How's it going? To be brutally honest, I suck at this dieting thing. I think I have convinced myself that it's not really a "diet" but a quest to become healthier. That helps. I'm like a yo-yo when it comes to this stuff. I will go from "faithful to a T" to "dragging behind the wagon" in a moments notice. I've got to get a grip and hit a happy medium.

One of the things that really affecting my success at the moment is the lack of "good" choices in our house. The refrigerator has had a mind of its own lately and thus I have not been shopping for any fresh stuff for a while. I have to create a solution - even if it means resurecting the old refrigerator from the basement!

Another thing, Keith and I like to hit the gym together. Well, work schedules are not condusive to this, so that hasn't been happening. We went together a week ago. I went again alone on Monday. Tuesday I was BEAT. Wednesday we had class etc. in the evening, and Thursday was another catch-up day... It was closed on Friday. Saturday we were busy with other things... which brings me to today and it is closed for the holiday. Drat! I must just accustom myself to going without him and schedule ahead to go with him as his schedule allows. Ugh!!!

So today I found myself sampling coffee with cherry cordials... hardly on the plan. Then snacking on pepperoni rolls I made for him last night while we lazily watched a movie before he had to go to work. (Thank goodness they are finished already) I ate some canned peaches for lunch. Dinner alone was leftover pizza from last night and some juice. The peaches and juice was probably my only descent choices I've made all day! No water drinking... just coffee and juice. What is wrong with me?

I so wish the gym was open today. I actually have the energy to go. Instead, I popped in some laundry and walked on my treadmill while it washed. I didn't time it but I'm thinking maybe that was a good 20 minutes or so. I feel good, but should drink some water already.

Just to add to my shame, I have neglected to weigh or measure in the last couple of weeks because frankly I'm sure I will gain more disappointment from that. Goals? I have to make them short-term because if I make long term goals I end up changing them because they become unattainable. I suppose since I realize this, I should go with a short week-to-week goal, much like I have done in the past with my weekly challenge. Hmmm... maybe I'm on to something here??!!

So... maybe this weeks goal & challenge will be:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables

  • Loose 3 pounds (I suppose this means I have to weigh myself today to see where I stand? UGH!)

How's that sound? I suppose I have until next Sunday to achieve this. Stay tuned! Encouragement welcomed and very much appreciated! C'mon... Let's Kick This Nasty Pig!!!!!

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At 10:16 PM, Blogger odat_kim said...

Happy Easter! He is Risen! I actually liked Easter this year, lots of time at church and with the scriptures, not so much going around and eating big dinners and sugary food.

I'm with you on the short commitments, I've been badly lately, not going to the gym, working too much, eating chocolate in the evening.

I watched X-weighted tonight, fortunately it was the Angela J episode, she inspires me, although I don't think I can keep up her diet and exercise regime (4 weight workouts and 6 cardio workouts every week, whoosh, that's a lot).

Anyway, I'm in to making short term commitments to do better too. How about tomorrow (Monday), no chocolate (or sugar) and a workout at the gym.

At 7:29 AM, Blogger Jthemilker said...

How lovely. I enjoyed Easter too, but needed to make it a little more heartfelt I think. I was just lazy yesterday - spiritually and physically. Not good.

Let's Kick This Pig!!!!


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