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Monday, April 02, 2007

Monday... Fresh New Week

Breakfast: 6 peanut butter crackers

Coffee: 1 cup w/ no-fat cream. I also had a few sips of diet caffiene free Pepsi at work and a glass of iced tea at home.

Water: 1 bottle + 1 1/2 large glasses with lunch + 1 bottle after the gym and a few drinks at the fountain at the gym

Lunch: BBQ Chicken Salad with bleu cheese dressing (dipped)

Snack: mandarin oranges (after work)

Dinner: 3 small pieces of roasted vegetable pizza

Exercise: Up the steps to the 3rd floor twice with a spring in my step. I love it! Stretched at home. Then went to the gym (yes by myself) and did 20 solid minutes on the elliptical. That's the first time I used that piece of equipment. It's a way better workout than the bike. I've been using the bike and treadmill lately mainly to boost my stamina. Thank goodness. If I had tried the elliptical on the first day, I probably would have quit.

How I'm Feeling

Morning - did not log. Wanted to get out the door to get the day started so I could come home earlier.

Afternoon - full from lunch. I always eat too much. I need to pay more attention in that regard.

Evening - pumped after a great workout. Beat now!


Tomorrow I aspire to begin a new challenge, either daily or weekly. I'm trying to think of what it should be? Any suggestions?


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