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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday

Morning Pig-Kickers. It is Palm Sunday. I'm looking forward to a beautiful church service this morning.

Breakfast: 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter.

Coffee: 1 cup with no-fat cream. 2 cups in the afternoon with no-fat cream.

Water: Hmm... this was not my strong-point today.

Pills: Yes. Vitamin and Aspirin this morning.

Lunch: 2 small bar-b-que chicken fingers (no breading) and 1 cup of broccoli cheese rice.

Snack: Banana. I hate them, but my eye was twitching so I thought it best to get ahead of it.

Dinner: Chicken tortilla soup.

Exercise: Not today. Resting.

How I'm Feeling

Morning: Good. Slept like a rock. Achy, but likely because of the rainy weather.

Afternoon: There is never enough time to accomplish everything I'd like to. It is only 1pm on Sunday and there are dishes to do, laundry to do, and hubby will be heading to work shortly. I had hoped to do a little bit of work-related work today and some work-related reading while also having time to exercise AND most importantly do my devotions with preparation for Girls Group this week and Disciple class. Why do I fret? This is a day of rest and I shall re-group and prioritize. Laundry & dishes can wait so long as we have what is needed for today and tomorrow. I shall spend a few quiet minutes with hubby now followed by devotions and maybe later I'll think about work-related stuff... maybe not.

Evening: What was I fretting about earlier? I feel so good now and I've only accomplished a small array of things on the list. I spent a couple of hours in devotion, study, and prayer. Boy that felt good. I'm so refreshed by it. I did two loads of laundry, and will probably put in a third. I washed all the dishes. I packed up my Easter packages for the Valentines along with my late late late Christmas gifts for Mom and Jim, and my care package for friends in Texas who have a new baby boy. Whew! It seems the Lord has blessed me with plenty of left-over energy and it's after 8PM now! (not enthused about looking at work stuff anyway). I thinking I should be tired by now, but on the contrary... uh... maybe I had too much coffee??? Hmmm...


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