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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pay Off For Good Behavior

The results are in...

August 06 March 07 Progress

Chol: 240 --> 228 --> -12

HDL: 63 --> 59 --> -4

LDL: 155H --> 141H --> -14

While overall my cholesterol is still considered "High," I am happy to report these slight improvements. It pays to watch what you eat. Having this labwork done certainly helps me to re-focus. Although I am watching, I have not been overly strict. I'm not really sure how much to expect for 6 months of efforts.

I always thought that HDL + LDL = Total Cholesterol, but I must have been mistaken.

I almost forgot that I had a doctor appointment. Overall she tells me that I am doing very well. My cholesterol is not considered critical as I'm not having any other major health issues that effect that, but it must continue to decline. She said that ANY reduction is good. I was so glad to hear that. We're going to have another check in 6 months. YIPPIE!!! I love my doctor. She is so caring and provides a great deal of encouragement. I think as far as doctors go in this busy world, that is a characteristic that is often hard to find. Kudos to my PCP!!!



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