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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

One Day At A Time

FYI - I'm completely annoyed because the home computer is malfunctioning somewhat. I am now posting from the workplace.

Breakfast - simple bowl of Honey Bunches Of Oats with cinnamon and 1% milk.

Coffee - one cup with no-fat cream at home. 1/2 cup of tea with nothing in it. 2 cups of coffee with cream at Panera for GG. (I know - shouldn't have)

Water - one bottle on the way to work. one large glass with lunch. Having another bottle now.

Lunch - baked chicken with a smidge of gravy for moistness and roasted vegetables.

Snack - celery sticks

Dinner - fish sandwich, green beans, and potato salad

Exercise - See Challenge tally

How I'm feeling:

Morning - Annoyed about the computer. Annoyed because hubby said he would get up and have coffee with me but then slept in until it was time for me to leave. Had I known he would do that, I would have skipped the coffee and left early to have my labs drawn. Oh well, maybe tomorrow?

Afternoon - Overwhelmed with duties, backlog, deadlines, and interruptions. It will get better. I MUST keep a positive attitude!

Evening - Tired. Exhausted. Spent. I was on the phone with the internet guy for over an hour tonight and he was in INDIA!!! Hard to hear and hard to understand.


  • Steps to the 3rd floor with a spring in my step.
  • Steps to the 3rd floor with a spring in my step.
  • Steps to the 3rd floor with a spring in my step.



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