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Friday, February 02, 2007

MIM Challenge Day #5 - TGIF

MIM Challenge Tally:

  • Walk across campus and up 50 Steps
  • Walk back across campus for lunch
  • Walk back across campus and up 50 Steps again

Breakfast: 3/4 c. Raisin Bran with 3/4 c. 1% milk

Water: Working on a bottle now.

Coffee: 1 cup with cream at work. Thinking about the 2nd cup. I only made 2 cups as I am a loner in the office today.

Pills: No - shame on me.

Snack: Does hot chocolate count? I had 2 cups this evening.

Lunch: Supposed to be going out for lunch today. Hmmm... Nope - stayed in. 1/2 Turkey with swiss on a pretzel roll with lettuce, tomato, and sun-dried tomato mayo. Small side of fresh fruit salad - mostly melon.

Dinner: a bowl of Life cereal with skim milk.

Exercise: barn work - feeding and watering the horses.

Moods & How I'm Feeling:

  • Morning: Rather groggy. Need coffee.
  • Afternoon: Not much like working, but I have to. Dreading the cold outside - YUK. Hum-ho. Not overly energetic, but not a bump on a log either. Status quo.
  • Evening: tired and rather bored. I think I'm ready to turn in for the night.



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