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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

MIM Challenge Day #3 - Wednesday

Today's MIM (Move It More) Challenge Tally:
  • Steps galore

Breakfast: 1 cup Raisin Bran with 3/4 cup 1% milk

Pills: Aspirin

Water: Just cracked open a bottle. One bottle on the way to work. One large glass with lunch. One bottle after lunch. And a cup of herbal tea in the evening.

Coffee: 1 1/2 cups with cream at work.

Snack: Packing a yogurt. It was good.

Lunch: Turkey and provolone with pesto mayo lettuce, tomato, and pickle. I spoonful of noodles - although they were dry so I didn't finish them.

Dinner: 2 pieces of 4 cheese pizza with WHEAT crust. A new find! Not bad!

Exercise - Refer to MIM Challenge Tally.

How Do I Feel?

I think I'm going to start logging more about my moods and generally how I'm feeling. It is a known fact that our mood can influence our behavior; however I also understand that healthy habits like exercise can likewise influence our moods. Interesting.

  • Morning: Like I have jet lag. I am a morning person; however I long for the day when I can sit on my deck or patio (which I don't yet have) sipping fresh brewed coffee as the sun rises. For now I shall wish I felt better and praise God for yet another day of chances to bring him glory. That's the best way to start the day.
  • Afternoon: Busying myself with work. Not overly tired, but as the day rolled on I found myself slowing down.
  • Evening: Worked until 730 PM. TIRED. VERY tired. WANT SLEEP. Looking forward to some rest. Sacrificing exercise for devotions.



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