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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Move It More TWO-day

Move It More Stats:
  • 30 Minute Aerobic Workout

    Breakfast: 3/4 cup Grape Nuts Flakes with 3/4 c. 1% milk. (I snuck in the 1% this week. Keith doesn't like it, but sometimes I trick him.) Ha Ha

    Coffee: 2 cups with cream at work.

    Water: working on a bottle. Done. Plus a half a bottle at work. And a full glass with lunch. Another bottle. Now I'm sipping herbal tea. And another 3/4 of a bottle with exercise.

    Snack: vanilla yogurt - LaCreme - later 3/4 cup of cheerios (dry)

    Lunch: The office is going out for Chinese. Hmm... I don't really like Chinese nor do I think it would be a good choice for my diet. SO - decisions decisions... shall I be anti-social and take my lunch & eat at my desk? I stayed in. It was a half order of mac n' cheese with a side salad.

    Exercise: Steps x50 x2 so far plus back across campus and up the stairs in the parking garage... then up the stairs at home. 30 Minutes JC Aerobic Workout.

    Dinner: another bowl of broccoli cheese soup with a slice of Tuscan bread. The bread is finished but I think there is about one more bowl of soup left in the pot. Ugh.



At 9:50 AM, Blogger mom of 2 said...

I'm going out to lunch today too...mexican very favorite!! I'm going to try not to stuff myself till I'm miserable!


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