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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday: Veggie Challenge Day #7

Today will bring my Veggie Challenge to a close, on a positive note I might add. I will continue to strive for comsuming at least 2 servings of fruits and/or vegetables with every lunch and dinner.

Breakfast: (With hubby) 3 pieces of whole wheat french toast, a dribble of light syrup, and one egg fried in butter. (Not the greatest idea)


Coffee: Oh I think I had at least 3 cups already with no fat cream. (Yikes I better stop!)


Lunch: One last piece of whole wheat french toast with a dribble of syrup. I do not recommend trying to eat this without a plate. I thought I'd just hold it and nibble at it, but the syrup was just enough to run and now it is in my lap. YICKY. (good thing I'm into the laundry today) WHAT?!!! No veggies???!!!! I must go find some!

Exercise: Housework galore!!! Up and down 2 flights of stairs about a dozen times already. Usually I'm a time manager and make as much use of one trip as I can, but here I realize that the more trips the better. I'm doing laundry and general tidying. Still need to do dishes too. UGH!

Hmmm... thinking on a new challenge for next week. I'm thinking maybe increasing water consumption? Or maybe it should be to start measuring my portions? Or maybe it should be to move more? Oh I have so many aspirations, but I like to just try to focus on one at a time and hopefully the rest will follow. I'm open for suggestions.



At 3:42 PM, Blogger mom of 2 said...

I think one thing at a time is a good idea. I get overwhelmed when trying to do too many things then none of them end up getting done how I had planned. Better to be successful at one thing at a time!! I think my goal for this week will be to move more. Thanks for the idea!


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