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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Catching Up Again

It's Sunday - a week from my last challenge goal and guess what... I ate more fruits and veggies every day and this morning I'm at my same weight as I was last Sunday. DRAT!!!! This is what happens when I don't get the exercise that I need so desperately. This week I shall exercise!!!!

Saturday was a whirl of a day. It was partly busy and partly lazy. I needed to work, but I just couldn't get into it. Mom gave me some hard-boiled eggs and I made egg salad. I had an egg salad sandwich on whole wheat bread for lunch AND dinner with a side of strawberries. I must not have been thinking when I accepted those eggs. I have high cholesterol - remember?! Oh no!!! I guess once in a while isn't so bad. I've been so good lately with picking them off my salads if we eat out. I like them, they just aren't so good for me. Oh well.

So on to today.



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