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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Turning Stress Into Energy

Is that possible? Can I really turn stress into energy?

Breakfast: Raisin Bran with 1% milk.

Pills: Yes - Baby Aspirin and Vitamin

Water: 1/2 bottle so far. Taking it on the road with me. I'm still trying to trick myself into the habit of drinking water while driving. Finished that one. 2 small bottles at work so far. I should go get a nice big glass full.

Coffee: Not yet. 1 cup with cream at work.

Lunch: 1 piece of pizza and a salad w/ bleu cheese dressing (dipped not drenched)

Snack: 1/2 cup of vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries

Dinner: 2 mini quich'e, a spoonful of fresh fruit, 1/2 of a round of fried mozarella cheese, and a few fresh veggies with ranch dip.

Exercise: At least three trips hoofin' it up the steps today with a bounce in my step. Why aren't they getting easier? I'm beat by the time I get close to the top.

How I'm feeling

  • MORNING: Pretty good. Rested again. Prayerful for Keith who is also anticipating a stressful day. He's supposed to be observed by the Regional Manager again today. They have him on the fast-track for becoming a manager. He needs to meet his challenges head-on with an opportunistic attitude. As for me... well... I best get into work where my own stressful situation awaits me.

  • AFTERNOON: Oh ya... the stress rolls on. I'm sinking, but deliberately taking a break at the moment. I'm feeling a little bit of tired creeping up on me. Perhaps I might grab another cup of coffee? Or maybe I'll just catch up on water and then re-assess in about an hour or so. Maybe I just need to hydrate?

  • EVENING: Completely beat! Had meetings until 730 PM. These long days are killing me.

  1. Steps to the 3rd floor with a spring in my step
  2. Steps to the 3rd floor with a spring in my step
  3. Steps to the 3rd floor with a spring in my step
  4. What's next??? More steps?!.



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