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Monday, March 05, 2007

New Day New Week

Yes folks today we can celebrate the freshness of a new day a new week and pretty much... a new month! YIPPIE!

Just so you know, the weekend was good. I made homemade potato soup and pretty much that is all I ate besides a slice of olive oil bread with it and some wheat toast for breakfast. I did get some exercise, which is refreshing. So much so that I cannot decide what it is about exercise that deters me from it. It always makes me feel good, but yet I'm so lazy. I suppose maybe it's more important for me to find a variety of exercise that fits my need for constant change. I've been thinking about picking up an exercise ball. I'm not sure if I will truly use it regularly or not... hmmm... Well, spring is on its way and that will get me out and about. I relish the idea of walking at the park, jogging a little too, and riding the horses with Rene'e. This is generally the time of year that I find myself running in my sleep. I used to run at the track daily. I can't believe how long ago that was. When I walk at the park and see people running, I think to myself... I could be doing that! Why don't I? I always have an excuse, usually it's that I need better shoes. I wonder if I will get the motivation to try it again? Hmmmm.... Something to ponder. My problem is that I can't stick to just one type of exercise. I want to walk, run, play tennis, ride the horses, dance, take up aerobics, work out at the gym, try kick boxing or tae bo. The list is endless! See what Spring brings out in me??? This is wonderful!!! Perhaps this weeks new challenge should be another "MOVE IT MORE" week?

Breakfast: Honey Bunches of Oats w/ Cinnamon Clusters. 1% Milk. (yes, fooled him again!)

Coffee: 1 cup with no-fat cream. Another 1/2 cup at work with cream. I wish my co-workers would go for non-fat creamer. I mean - I support dairy in every way, but I have to make some sacrifices. This seems like a really easy area to cut back on.

Pills: Yes - vitamin and baby aspirin

Water: Taking a bottle on the road this morning. Large glass with lunch. So far not doing so hot with this one. I best get on it! Thank God for blogging to remind me of such things!

Lunch: half of a turkey and swiss sandwich with sundried tomato mayo, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Side of fruit salad - melon, grape, and pinapple. YUM.

Snack: Cheerios - no milk, just a crunchy snack.

Dinner: 2 pieces of 4 cheese pizza and a strawberry yogurt smoothie.

Exercise: Still on the steps at work. Today I've tried to put a little spring in my step as I conquer the steps. The first time I ran up the steps my coworker said "You look washed out." Uh, I just ran up 3 flights of steps for no apparent reason. Of course I look washed out!!! Ha ha!

How I'm feeling:

  • MORNING: Rested - finally. I'm surprised because in my early morning sleep I was wrestling with dreams about this little house that we saw for sale down the road that we really liked, but I'm trying to strike it from my mind and focus on contentment. Feeling delighted that I have been afforded a few minutes with my hubby enjoying our coffee this morning.

  • AFTERNOON: The race is on with my work. I am COMPLETELY overwhelmed. One good thing is that I have not experienced the stress headache that often accompanies the busy busy time. Seriously, last month I had like 7 files to work on. This month I have upwards of FORTY yes "40"!!! It's crazy I tell ya. I have an extra 10 new files I'm working on too. I need to go through and see if any of them are ready and if they are I need to schedule their interviews. Ugh... this is crazy!!!! Meanwhile I experience consistent interruptions all day long and then there are requests for applications to be addressed and new privileges to establish and monitoring to be done. The list is endless. Thank God for my break during the day when I can take a deep breath and spew this all out on my blog. :)

  • EVENING: Actually feeling pretty good. I worked until 7:15 PM and when I arrived home, Hubby already had pizza ready for dinner. What a gem he is. So as the day goes... it's almost over. I shall grab another bottle of water and head upstairs to get ready for bed. Tonight's the night we like to watch Two And A Half Men. It's due to be on in just a bit.


  1. Steps with a spring in my step - x2 so far.
  2. Brisk walk to the car too.

I'm a little disappointed that I'm not squeezing in more exercise. I shall resolve to do some squats and stretches before snuggling into bed to watch the tube.



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