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Friday, February 16, 2007

It's Friday... Want to dance?


Breakfast: Finished the raisin bran and the 1% milk. I guess I need to do some shopping.

Coffee: None yet. 2 cups at work with cream.

Vitamins: Does Airborne count? Refilled my vitamins. Took a couple doses of AlkaSeltzer Cold medicine.

Water: So far 1/3 of a bottle with my Airborne x3 plus a bottle at work and another in the evening. Another large glass with lunch.

Lunch: half a turkey with swiss on a bun with mayo and a side of fruit salad.

Snack: 4 bites of pecan pie.

Dinner: Buffalo Chicken Salad at Monte Cellos with bleu cheese dressing. I only ate about half of it.

Exercise: Lots of steps at work

How I'm feeling: Well, I'm officially sick again. Clogged up sinus, mild headache, little bit achey, and stuffy and sniffley at the same time. I'm trying desperately to get ahead of it. No wonder I was feeling so terribly run down earlier this week. I shall stop and pick up more medicine, and some disinfectant wipes, and some tissues - with lotion in them! I definitely don't want to call off work today, but maybe I will come home early. Evening... sick sick sick. Exhausted. Stuffed up. Miserable. UGH.

Temptations: Does it count that I only took 4 bites of the pecan pie instead of an entire slice? I vetoed the candy jar... so that's good.



At 8:58 AM, Blogger warpie said...

Glad to hear that cutting the items with sugar or "ose" in them has helped with the cravings. It's especially hard for me to do that if I slip the week before my period. This week has been a bad temptation week, with a very stressful week and Valentine's thrown in for a plethora of available sweets.


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