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Monday, October 23, 2006

One More Week

One more week (tomorrow) until weigh-in at the doctor's office. It's like taking the pig to slaughter. Not actually, I'm hoping that I will have lost a few pounds this time around.

Breakfast - Back on oatmeal. 1/2 cup with a splash of 1% milk and a sprinkle of sugar.

Coffee - 1 1/2 cups so far with cream.

Snack - thinking about it. It was a cheese stick and some dry cherrios.

Lunch - turkey & swiss on whole wheat with light miracle whip and a handful of carrots.

Water - 10 oz Dasani + 16 oz with lunch + 20 oz before coffee this morning. Why is it so much easier to drink water at work? Another 10 oz. Dasani and a cup of herbal tea before bed

Dinner - Left over night. I had some left over mac n' cheese and some left over flank steak. YUM. I thought about making a vegetable to go with, but this was enough. Not the greatest dinner, but not all so bad.

Exercise - Anybody want to walk with me tonight? Snowing outside and dark by the time I got home. I opted to stay in and be lazy.


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