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Monday, October 16, 2006

Fresh Week - Fresh Start

Sometimes I hate Mondays, but really most of the time I like Mondays because it seems as though the week finally has a fresh start. Yes, I know the week technically begins on Sunday, but Monday is when the Activity begins.

Breakfast: banana - YUK, but I really need the potassium. My eye keeps twitching.

Coffee: I had a couple sips, but didn't so much care for it.

Water: 20 oz. with lemon (thus the heartburn, ugh, gotta switch to Dasani)

Snack: yogurt with berries (99% fat free)

Lunch: Raisin Bran with skim milk

Exercise: Walking across campus and up the stairs to the 3rd floor - several times. Tonight is my monthly Credentials Committee meeting, so I will likely be home well after dark and dinner so I won't get any walking or riding in today.

Dinner: ???

Health Update:

Exercise is getting easier all the time. The hardest part about getting out to walk is convincing my mind that it is a good idea. Most of the time I don't go because I don't like to go alone. I will say that Keith has been pretty good about going along when he is available. Sometimes I think perhaps I need to somehow embrace this as "alone time" and roll with it. I can't help it. I'm not much of a loner. Secretly I'd like to be able to run instead, but I'm stubborn on trying this. I'm afraid I'll burn out too fast. I might need better shoes... Excuses Excuses... I know...

On the same note, riding the horse is getting easier and easier for me and the horse. I'm not stiff or sore afterwards anymore. I'm getting more and more comfortable and obviously my leg muscles are working because the other night when Duke put on the brakes on a dime, I stuck to him like glue. That's a far cry from a couple months ago when he kicked out at the dog and I flipped off of him. (Landed on my feet - Yikes, could have been a disaster!)

I have been seeing my doctor each month for weight and blood pressure check. That is why my weight ticker hasn't been moving. I'll have an update to post on October 31st when I see her again. Sorry, I don't have a descent scale at home. I have been keeping track of my measurments though. It is going well, but no drastic changes... little bits at a time.

Keith informed me that my doctor called with concerns re: my cholesterol, which was 225 in 2003, 241 in 2004, and 240 in 2006. I MUST get that under control. I knew this, it's just that she is finally getting around to warning me. Ugh! I think I'll cook up the cholesterol buster cocktail and start that ASAP. I also must be very careful about my choices. SO with that little warning... I'm on the wagon... Kickin the Pig... Re-focused... Stay tuned!


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