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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Early Start

Today I'm getting an early start. I have a 7am meeting at work. No breakfast or coffee for me yet. There will be something healthy at the meeting, so I will wait.

The day progressed, but my ability to blog out the result dwindled throughout the day...

Lunch was a turkey & cheddar sandwich on wheat bread with light miracle whip. This came with a handful of mini-carrots and a tiny scoop of some sort of desert. I'm not sure what it was... sweet, marshmellowy, pinappleish, coconutty, fluffy stuff. YUM.

Dinner - This was not actually diet friendly, but I was careful to only allow myself a small portion... pizza pasta bake. YUM!

More water... and no exercise other than the usual trek back and forth across campus at work.


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