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Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday's Madness

So yesterday didn't end up as I had planned. I fussed around on the computer doing some work. I washed the dishes like three times. I aspired to do some laundry - does that count? And I made dinner. No exercise to speak of unless you count the pitter-patter around the house. I'm rather ashamed, but do have an excuse... It was the Sabbath and we are to rest. Hmm... not actually real convincing seeing as maybe then I should have actually rested. OK - I'm guilty! I can't believe I lost my focus that fast!

So re-focused I'm on to Monday's Madness... Gonna Kick That Pig!

Monday's breakfast - oatmeal with a sprinkle of sugar

Monday's coffee - 2 large cups so far. Ok Ok - I'll switch to water when this one's done!

That's it so far. I walked across campus as usual and took the steps to the 3rd floor where my office is. Now I'm settling into my work. I'll check back in later to confess, I mean report, my progress. Yes siree I am gonna Kick The Pig today!

Mid-morning water chug - 20 oz. Dasani

Lunch - turkey and american on whole wheat bread with light Miracle Whip. Side of fresh raw carrots, celery, cauliflower, and cucumber. 3 bites of macaroni salad. Another glass of water - 16 oz.

Mid-afternoon - half cup of coffee with low-fat cream AND another 20 oz. Dasani

Evening meal - 3/4 cup of left over broccoli soup, 2 pieces of whole wheat toast with light spread of LOL Butter Spread.

Another bottole of water - 20 oz. Darn - I'm out of bottled water!


At 7:47 PM, Blogger warpie said...

Hey that's really good on the water consumption! 56 oz, that's 7 cups, awesome. I've had 1.5 litres myself today, about to start the next 500ml (16 oz).


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