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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday's Punt

Kickin The Pig again today. Yesterday I made myself some "Kick the Pig" signs that I hung on the refridgerator and freezer! Subtle reminders to STAY OUT!!!

I started this beautiful Lord's Day with a bowl of oatmeal, small sprinkle of sugar, and a cup of coffee. (just one today)

Home from church now. I made lunch. One of my hardest tasks in Kicking the Pig is to not kick Keith's pig. By all means - he needs it. (too skinny) He wanted tortellini for lunch. I'm thinking "Hmm... pretty much all carbs. Not a good choice for me." We had tortellini and salad. Ok - so that's what HE had. I had tortellini ON my salad. Try it - YUMMY.

So I made up a batch of tortellini and made him a nice big plate of carbs smothered with sauce with a little salad on the side. He was delighted. I made myself a plate of salad, added some red onion and the end of the pickled beets. (Thanks Rene'e) Then I sprinkled a few tortellini on top of the salad... added some EVOO/Balsamic Vinigar for dressing and enjoyed my big plate of "good" carbs. YUM I'm telling you, if you crave french fries or croutons on your salad, this is a great substitute!

Not doing so well on the water consumption so far. YIKES - it is 1:30pm and I haven't had any water yet! Good thing I'm realizing this now! I did have a glass of milk.

Exercise - Hmm... should I bolt now and walk at the park and enjoy this beautiful Sunday afternoon? Or later?

I'll check back in later to report how my day progressed.

p.s. Do I really have to post those "before" pictures? Oh my goodness - I HATE them!!!! I should be posting them on my refridgerator!!!!


At 7:34 PM, Blogger warpie said...

You don't have to take a before picture. I took some today so that maybe I won't forget. The first (and last) time I lost the weight I really didn't see or feel the difference, just the scale and my clothing sizes said otherwise. I put it all back on within a year, so now here I am again, perhaps this time if I have pictures and a sensible eating program now that I've been educated, maybe I'll do better.


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