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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jumping On The Wagon

This blog was inspired by another blogging friend, Kim, who was inspired by a friend of her's Julie. It's contagious! C'mon everybody, jump on the wagon.. the "Kick The Pig" wagon!

For some reason I just like that phrase. I feel like a pig after I've gone and overindulged in whatever. I just want to kick myself! Ha!

So how do we get started? Well, I think I should take some "before" photos. Oh yuk. Do I have to? Well, I'm home alone right now, so I will wait until hubby gets home and have him take some. I'll post later.

I probably should make note of my weight/measurements, but PLEASE don't make me make that public! Let's just say that I could lose 100 pounds and be thinner than I ever remember being. I don't actually have a scale, but I get weighed at my doctor's office on a monthly basis. According to her records, I lost 3 pounds in the past month. I did take some measurements last month after my doctor appointment, so I will be tracking that too.

So what is this blog for? I will be setting goals for myself and tracking my consumption habits, my activity level, and my progress.

Encouragement welcome on this journey! If you want to Kick your Pig, then join us!


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